Next Pages


Next Pages is wholly owed by Next Project Sdn Bhd ( NPSB ). Next Pages is a special community privileges directory that gather all NPSB’s entrepreneurs nationwide. Only CDMA users and Next Rewards cardholders are eligible for the special privileges offered by NPSB’s entrepreneurs. NPSB management team will conduct a standard process of interview and stringent selection  of entrepreneurs before their applications being approved. Annual agreement will be signed between NPSB and entrepreneurs where both parties are abide with mutual pre-agreed terms and conditions.  A common seal certificate will be issued to appointed panel in order to recognise them as registered panel. All the approved panels and merchants are given an option to own a CDMA phone and Next Rewards card for FREE*. Please refer to pertaining to CDMA and Next Rewards.



To be a preferred privileges community directory and platform for donation to charities.



To create a community loyalty program and a platform of unification among entrepreneurs, customers and charities.


Your CDMA directory is our motto which consist of 4 elements:-

C  = Community – ( Next Pages is a platform to gather various entrepreneur community in one directory )

D  = Donation      - ( Next Pages is a platform for those who wants to contribute donation to charity )

M = Matching      - ( Next Pages assist in business matching between entrepreneur with CDMA user and Next Rewards cardholder )

A  = Assistant      - ( Next Pages assist entrepreneur to increase their customers, sales, loyalty and profits )